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Mattoon Eye Center is excited to announce that on Dec. 1, 2014 we will become a division of Quantum Vision Centers.  Quantum Vision Centers brings the latest technology to provide a complete system of eye care for patients at all stages of life. 

What does this mean to patients? Dr. Miller will continue his practice of medical / surgical ophthalmology as he has for the past 34 years. Quantum has ophthalmologists who specialize in treatment of retinas, glaucoma, and other aspects of eye care offering a ready source of referrals for those patients who require more specialized care.

Effective Dec. 1, Mattoon Eye Center, a division of Quantum Vision Centers, will add the following to the insurances we currently accept:  Cigna, Essence, Multiplan, Humana, and United Health Care.  

We are excited about this merger which will offer more options to our patients and allow Dr. Miller to focus on quality eye care which he has provided to the area since 1980.

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Matton Eye Center Merges With Quantum Vision Centers